Health Reform Resources in Spanish

Welcome to the Health Reform Resources in Spanish page. We have compiled the best resources available in Spanish on health reform and have made them available for your use. Find some resources that we don’t have listed here? Send us an email and we’ll post it.  We’re counting on scouts like you to send us materials you find useful.

  • is a federal government health exchange website designed to offer transparent information about the health insurance market. All the pages in are available in Spanish by clicking on the ‘Espanol’ tab on the top right hand corner of the page. Visit the website.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid  Services

Affordable Care Act:

Subsidy Calculator:

  • Subsidy Calculator The Kaiser Family Foundation features a Spanish-language subsidy calculator, which allows consumers to estimate health insurance premiums and tax credits within the ACA marketplaces according to their zip code, income, family size, age and tobacco use. Use Subsidy Calculator below:

Marketplace Guide:

Fact Sheets in Spanish from the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services:

Illinois Related:

  • Illinois Health Care Reform Passport The health care reform passport, provided by AIDS Foundation of Chicago, will help people living with HIV/AIDS and health care providers navigate health care reform changes. The passport is divided into two parts:
    • Part 1 asks a series of Yes/No questions to help you figure out where YOU fit into health care reform, and understand your new health care options. Click here to view in Spanish (PDF)
    • Part 2 asks you to list the medications and health services that you currently receive, and it will help you gather the right documents if a change is coming your way. Click here to view in Spanish (MS Word doc)
  • How to Pay for Health Insurance” tool created by: IL Health Advocates, IL Asset Building Group, Shriver Center, and EverThrive. View the tool in English and Spanish (PDF)

Watch Video:

  • The Kaiser Family Foundation’s feature animation “The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare: Health Insurance Changes Coming Your Way Under the Affordable Care Act!”  in Spanish.

Useful Websites: