Come fly with us! Destination: Affordable Health Care

| August 1, 2013

Come fly with usReforming a nation’s health care system is complex and will affect a lot of people living with HIV — but it doesn’t have to be scary. We have designed a great passport tool to ensure that your journey to affordable health care is as smooth as possible.

Come aboard and bring your Health Care Reform Passport!

The health care reform passport will help people living with HIV/AIDS and health care providers navigate health care reform changes.

The passport is divided into two parts:
Part 1 asks a series of Yes/No questions to help you figure out where YOU fit into health care reform, and understand your new health care options. Click here to view Illinois: Q&A Where do you fit? (also available in Spanish)

Part 2 asks you to list the medications and health services that you currently receive, and it will help you gather the right documents if a change is coming your way. Click here to view Illinois: Passport Check-list (also available in Spanish)

Remember, enrollment in the new health care programs starts October 1. If you live in Cook County, you may be able to enroll in an early health care reform program called CountyCare, open today! Use the health care reform passport to find out if you might qualify.

Don’t live in Illinois? Check out these editable versions, and make the appropriate changes for your state: Editable: Q&A Where do you fit?, Editable: Passport Check-list

Additional resources:

Thank you for flying with us!


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