Start screening clients for health reform: New enrollment tools for people with HIV

| July 19, 2013

fortune cookieOne of our most important roles at is to share tools that organizations have created so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Here are two new ones to help you screen clients for new health care reform programs.

1. Marketplace eligibility screener for states that WILL NOT expand Medicaid: Duke AIDS Legal Project created a tool to screen clients for enrollment in the marketplace (download as a Microsoft Word doc that you can customize or a PDF) North Carolina is a state that won’t expand Medicaid in time for 2014, like many Southern states. (Check this Kaiser State Health Facts chart to see if you are in a state that won’t expand Medicaid.) The tool will help identify clients whose income is above 100% of the federal poverty level and who are eligible to enroll in the marketplace. It will also help tell clients if they are likely to be eligible for subsidies to make insurance more affordable.

2. Eligibility screener for states that WILL expand Medicaid.  The AIDS Foundation of Chicago (a sponsor organization, and the author of this post) adapted the Duke tool for Illinois, which will expand Medicaid.   This tool — in the form of Q & A flow chart that you can download as a PowerPoint slide and customize or a PDF — will help clients determine if they will be eligible for Medicaid, the marketplace, and the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP).  Like many states, Illinois ADAP will wrap around many marketplace insurance plans to help people with HIV afford premiums and out-of-pocket costs for HIV care.  Check this Kaiser State Health Facts chart to see if your state will expand Medicaid.)

How you can use these tools: Download these documents today and customize them for your state.  When you see clients, spend some time going through the tool to help the clients figure out which programs they will might qualify for and prepare a list of documents they will need to apply.  Make a note in the client’s file so you can follow up to help them apply in October 2013, when enrollment begins.

Questions? We’re happy to tell you more about how we use these tools and discuss how you could customize them. Send John Peller an email.



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