HIV Experts: Make Federally-Facilitated Exchanges Work for People with HIV

| June 27, 2012

For many low-income people living with HIV, health insurance exchanges will allow access to select subsidized, private for the first time. Exchanges – kind of like Orbitz for health insurance – will allow individuals to shop for and enroll in more affordable, quality health plans. It’s imperative that outreach, application, enrollment, and benefits provisions be designed in ways that work for vulnerable populations. 

Recognizing that not all states may elect to establish a state-based health insurance exchange by 2014, the Affordable Care Act directs the Secretary of HHS to establish and operate a Federally Facilitated Exchange (FFE) in any state that does not elect to do so, or will not have an operable exchange for the 2014 coverage year.

It is essential that Federally Facilitated Exchanges have strong national standards and are implemented in ways that engage relevant stakeholders, ensure federal oversight over plan certification requirements, and promote coordination with Medicaid, the Ryan White Program, and insurance affordability programs.

Our partners at the HIV Health Care Access Working Group wrote a letter in response to recent federal guidance on Federally-Facilitated Exchanges commenting on the approach HHS intends to take to implement the FFE.  Check out the HHCAWG letter, also available on Making it a Reality now.


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